Pippy and Calculate - Evolution Solution

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Fri Sep 7 22:05:41 EDT 2007


> >   Again, this is not a criticism toward Reinier, but rather toward the
> > fact that keeping up with the rate of change that Sugar and the UI
> > guideline is not something a volunteer developer can easily cope with.
> Calculate is in Python, isn't it? Sugar and UI changes are deadly
> for the non-Python stuff.

  And why?  If you follow the development in past several months, you
probably found that the difference of language used to write an
activity has very little correlation with when and how often the
activity stopped working.  (A high-level messaging/component model
usually cuts the dependency to a particular implementation language.)

  It seems that what it matters is *person* than language.  In that
regard, we should give Bert (Freudenberg), who has been doing the
Sugar integration part of Etoys, big kudos.  He's been corresponding
with core developers, not only keeping up with the changes but also
give back a lot of good suggestions.

  Take a look at the history of "Sugar on Fedora 7" page on the wiki.
You can almost tell that he is pretty much the only guy who is
interested in supporting outside developers.

  Yes, he is dedicated to do so.  That certainly does the trick.

-- Yoshiki

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