save-nand problem

Juliano Bittencourt juliano at
Fri Sep 7 17:54:09 EDT 2007

    Hi folks,

    I'm having problems using the save-nand OFW command to created a 
customized version of the OS. In the near past I used this command 
several times for this purpose, but now, it seems not working anymore.
    There are several symptoms:

     1. When I try to create the image file with the command 'save-nand 
disk:\nand.os', the laptop starts working but the entire process takes 
serveral hours to complete (about 5 hours)
     2. Even when the process completes successfully, eventually the 
result is a 0 bites file;
     3. When the process is completed and the resulting file has about 
230mb, the problem is when I try to copy this file to a new laptop. The 
copy-nand command throws and error message : "Image file size is not a 
multiple of the NAND erase block size".

     I repeated the process serveral times, on B2 and B3 machines with 
firmware q2c23. Am I missing something or is this actually a bug?

     Juliano Bittencourt

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