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Not sure if this is relevant, but maybe someone would like to showcase 
the XO there? I may have an hour or two to spare on that weekend, but no 
more than that. Please forward freely and let me know.


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From: 	Catherine Havasi <havasi at MIT.EDU>
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I know a lot of people in the lab teach for Splash - 
which is a one weekend program where you can teach a 
class on anything you want to high school and middle 
school students in the Boston area.  It's a very low 
time commitment opportunity and is a lot of fun.

Email me with questions.
- Catherine

Are you interested in things?

Then inflict your interests on high school students by teaching  Splash

Splash is a weekend-long program on November 17-18 where you can teach 
ANYTHING you want to high school students. Quantum mechanics, speaker 
building, origami, duct tape design, tissue engineering...everything is 
fair game.  Your class can be as large or as small as you want and can 
last anywhere from 1-5 hours. Just register your class, and you're free to 
delve into your favorite topics with bright high school students from all 
over the area.

If you're not sure what to teach, come to the ESP office (W20-467) at 6pm 
on wednesday; we'll have a group brainstorming session.

For more information, go to esp.mit.edu, then register your Splash class BY
OCTOBER 20th at http://esp.mit.edu/teach/Splash/2007/teacherreg/.

See you there!

Stephanie Bachar
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