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Ed Trager ed.trager at
Sun Oct 14 11:43:48 EDT 2007

Hi, Albert,

1. Put Keyboard Layout Images under Creative Commons License

The interests of everyone will be best served if the keyboard layout
images are licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Currently the Wiki pages at are clearly marked as
licensed under CC Attribution 2.5 Generic.  But the status of the
image artwork itself is not clearly noted.

For purposes of clarity and to avoid misunderstanding, it would be
better if OLPC can explicitely state that the keyboard image artwork
in any form (PNG, SVG, etc.) is available under a CC license -- if
that is indeed the case.

Based on my understanding of a recent discussion I had with licensing
experts at the institution where I currently work (USA),  LGPLv2 or
Apache or other software licenses which Albert mentioned are not
applicable to a visual image work.  A Creative Commons license is what
we want.  Public Domain is not recommended.

Bundling or including CC-licensed image artwork in a software package
is of course allowed so long as you state the license and provide
attribution, so I see no need for "multi-licensing" under LGPL or
Apache or whatever.

2. OLPC should make Keyboard Images available in SVG format

Also, it would be a very good idea if OLPC could make the images
available in SVG format.  Is it possible to have the masters done up
or converted to Inkscape-style SVG?

Having the template artwork available in SVG format will allow the
community to participate more fully in helping to create and document
additional keyboard layouts.

-- Ed

On 10/14/07, Albert Cahalan <acahalan at> wrote:
> I think I'd like to use those images in some software.
> Mind multi-licensing them under the usual licenses?
> (LGPLv2 or later at least, plus maybe others like the
> share-alike Creative Commons licenses and Apache
> license -- or just public domain to make things simple)
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