New joyride build 275

Build Announcer Script bert at
Wed Nov 14 15:45:03 EST 2007

+olpc-library-common.noarch 0:1-2
+olpc-library-core.noarch 0:1-3
-olpc-utils.i386 0:0.43-1.olpc2
+olpc-utils.i386 0:0.43-2.olpc2
-sugar.i386 0:0.65-0.88.20071113git.9d28557bbd
+sugar.i386 0:0.65-0.89.20071114git.411879e9de

--- olpc-library-common.noarch 1-2 ---
  * initial RPM version of the core content library including
    CSS, javascript, and the index building script

--- olpc-library-core.noarch 1-3 ---
  * initial RPM version of the core content library example bundles

--- Journal-72 ---
    * #4909 Add Resume method to the DBus service. (marco)

--- Web-73 ---
    * #4909: added a dbus call to open the source data by the journal (marco)
    * #4889: use the window's fullscreen method to get to fullscreen mode,
    this does not mess up the state the window manager has (erikos)
    * #4870: Add onStatusChange method to Download. (tomeu)
    * #4904: Save downloads to the instance dir, not tmp. (tomeu)
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