3d graphics

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Thu May 31 04:36:02 EDT 2007

I have meant displaying with scaling. Filling 1200x900 in 30fps is 
impossible I think.
IMHO there is no feature in the Geode DC which could be used by the 
rasterizer so I think it is not a problem to concentrate on this one 
feature (scaling) it can do quite well.
As I see in the DCON documentation, it simply scraps 2/3 of the frame 
buffer data when deswizzling so it seems that not generating that data 
would be a win either way.

The OpenGL thread:

Jordan Crouse wrote:
> On 30/05/07 17:55 +0200, NoiseEHC wrote:
>> I have read the OpenGL thread and at that time displaying was a problem.
>> However I noticed that SDL_CreateYUVOverlay does the exact same thing, 
>> the only question is: does it allow creating two of them and flipping?
> Displaying, or scaling?  Yes - scaling adds even more math to an already
> overworked processor, and the video converter can help accelerate that
> _one_ feature, but you'll lose all other benefits of the graphics
> accelerator.  The GX driver supports double buffering, and by the time
> the LX boards are available, so will the LX driver. 
> Jordan

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