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Aaron Kaplan aaron at
Mon May 28 12:30:55 EDT 2007

1. Project name             : olsr-2-mesh
2. Existing website, if any :
3. One-line description     : adding a gateway functionality from  
802.11s meshes to OLSR meshes

4. Longer description       : 802.11s meshes are wonderful locally.  
For intra-school (backbone) wireless meshes
                             : (if needed), some "exterior protocol"  
could be useful.
                             : Hence this attempt to create a gateway  
between OLSR meshes and 802.11s

5. URLs of similar projects :

6. Committer list
    Please list the maintainer (lead developer) as the first entry.  
Only list
    developers who need to be given accounts so that they can commit  
to your
    project's code repository, or push their own. There is no need to  
    non-committer developers.

       Username   Full name             SSH2 key  
URL                    E-mail
       --------   ---------              
------------                    ------
    #1 aaron      Aaron Kaplan         aaron at

7. Preferred development model

    [X] Central tree. Every developer can push his changes directly  
to the
        project's git tree. This is the standard model that will be  
familiar to
        CVS and Subversion users, and that tends to work well for  
most projects.

    [ ] Maintainer-owned tree. Every developer creates his own git  
tree, or
        multiple git trees. He periodically asks the maintainer to  
look at one
        or more of these trees, and merge changes into the maintainer- 
        "main" tree. This is the model used by the Linux kernel, and is
        well-suited to projects wishing to maintain a tighter control  
on code
        entering the main tree.

8. Set up a project mailing list:

    [X] No

9. Commit notifications

    [X] No commit notifications, please

10. Vhost setup

    [X] No, we don't have a project domain, or don't want to use one.  
        use the website address.

11. Shell accounts

    As a general rule, we don't provide shell accounts to developers  
    there's a demonstrated need. If you have one, please explain  
here, and
    list the usernames of the committers above needing shell access.

   1. coolness factor 25+
   2. making a simple developer happy
   3. but otherwise, no :)

12. Notes/comments:

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