OpenFirmware boot message

Mike Sloman mikes at
Wed May 23 01:07:43 EDT 2007

Hi All (probably Mitch in particular)

I have recently received a unit thinking it was a B2. The boot message is:

OLPC B1, 128 MB memory installed, S/N SHF70400126
OpenFirmware  CL1 Q2C11 Q2C

I checked the battery case for S/N and version and it claims B2-7 with 
above serial number so it appears it's a B2, emailed Felice G and she 
confirmed that its a B2.

Is the OF boot message meant to refer to build version?

If it is is there a simple test I can do in forth or after boot to 
determine why OF is reporting a B1?


Mike Sloman

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