Minutes for software status meeting 2007-05-22

Mitch Bradley wmb at firmworks.com
Tue May 22 22:24:28 EDT 2007

Meeting minutes 2007-050-22

Jim, Luna, Bryan, cjb, Jordan, Mitch, Blizzard, Marcelo, Bernardo, j5, 
Andres, David Woodhouse, Kim,

AI: Richard - Investigate why resume edges occur on many GPIO signals on 
B3 but not earlier boards.
AI: Richard check with Elvis to determine what process is used to 
install OS image on NAND (ref #498)
AI: jg to create trac to document how to install new keymaps and other 
language-dependent settings/files
AI: dwmw2 to try and reproduce #1489
AI: cjb and jg to make a list of power manager requirements.

LX Resume:

B3 DCON resume is working - OFW now clears the edge detect bits on resume.

Marcelo has USB resume working better, based on partial enumeration 
instead of full re-enumeration,
also wireless is working, except you have to reload the firmware.  Still 
need to investigate the
use of Libertas tristate mode during suspend.

J5: We now have the ability to add stuff to a build tree to create a new 

B4 release slated to be build 406 + specific changes.  (June 12)

Highlights of blocker bug review:

#315 - Currently blocking on new EC protocol

#1339 - on hold pending a merge with Pierre's tree, in turn waiting for 
suspend/resume fixes, then merge with Linus

#1480 can't reproduce, resolve as worksforme, reopen if it recurs

Chris: Contacted John Blandford - we need to come up with a specific 
list of what
we want power manager to do, and Richard Hughes can work on it.

PM needs to send events to sugar, and it needs to listen to the kernel 
input stream.

Richard verified LiFe shutoff, it does the right thing, shutting off 
between 5.0 and 5.2 volts.

Long discussion of power management trac tickets ...


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