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Ivan Krstić krstic at solarsail.hcs.harvard.edu
Thu May 17 10:28:10 EDT 2007

Holger Levsen wrote:
> Yup. But it would also be nice, if the pupils can ask the server for their 
> backups, without going via the teacher. For that, an access key on the laptop 
> would be needed. (So that it's not possible to request someone elses backup.)

I don't think you understood my original mail. Backups are retrieved
from the server by virtue of a laptop's UUID -- not a cryptographic key
-- so the *only* instance where you have to ask a teacher to obtain a
backup is when your laptop was destroyed.

> In case the laptop breaks or is stolen, the backup should be accessable via 
> the teacher. (And a new laptop key needs to be genereated.)

See above.

> So IMHO the backup has to be stored encrypted twice


> I dont think the teachers are the (biggest) security threat here. Random 
> strangers on the other side of the street are more worrysome IMHO.

We're talking about *backup* security here, not security in general.

> Neither P_DOCUMENT_BACKUP nor P_PASSWORD seem complete to me.

P_DOCUMENT_BACKUP describes the general principle; P_PASSWORD isn't
complete because it's not completely clear how that'll work yet, and
it's not a hard target for the ship date unless we have some extra time
left over to implement it.

> Is there a process to finalize the document and make it binding?

I'm working on finishing some sections, but what's there now is

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