"modprobe msr" fail!

Luna.Huang at quantatw.com Luna.Huang at quantatw.com
Thu May 17 04:50:58 EDT 2007

I misunderstand the mean.
The functionality has been built-in, and I get right msr value.
Thank you.

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means that MSR support is compiled into the kernel, not as a module. So
you do not need to do modprobe. The functionality is built-in. There
will be a file named "/dev/cpu/0/msr".

In image 386, the config was:


so with that build, you did need to do the "modprobe". Before you do the
modprobe, the "/dev/cpu/0/msr" file will not exist, but it will appear
after the modprobe.

Luna.Huang at quantatw.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I am Luna.
> I want to modprobe msr on OLPC. (I use MIT image 426 on B2)
> But it is fail. The error message is ¡°FATAL: Module msr not found.¡±
> To look at config file, I find
> Someone can tell me what happen.
> I had returned MIT image 386. The command really works.
> Thanks.
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