[PATCH] geode driver cleanups

Dan Williams dcbw at redhat.com
Sun May 6 19:14:57 EDT 2007

I built with -Wall and fixed the relevant issues it brought up.  There
are couple important ones, feel free to bin the rest if you like (though
they are all technically valid).

1) Lots of missing prototypes; the compiler will assume a return type of
"int" if it doesn't have a prototype.  Moved the required ones to

2) amd_gx_driver.c
    @295  xf86DrvMsgp -> xf86DrvMsg; a typo likely
    @559  GXGetFPInfo -> GeodeGetFPGeometry

3) amd_lx_exa.c
    @303  missing return
    @340  missing return

4) amd_lx_rotate.c
    @143  LXCalculatePitchBytes -> GeodeCalculatePitchBytes
    @146  missing return

5) amd_lx_video.c
    @817  LXVidAllocMem -> LXAllocateVidMem
           (LXVidAllocMem doesn't actually exist)

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