Network association algorithm

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Wed May 2 20:41:35 EDT 2007

Dan Williams <dcbw at> wrote on 05/02/2007 08:03:58 AM:

> a) What was the point of doing scans for only 1, 6, 11 again?  We're
> scanning for APs on all channels in the infrastructure AP stage anyway.

The scans complete faster and we don't run into issues with deassociation 
or dropped mesh frames while the radio is scanning all the channels.

> b) Where do we go of DHCP to the infrastructure AP fails?
> c) Where do we go if the AP drops association?  After 1 minute?  After 1
> hour?
> d) What happens when we get an auto-ip address at home (no MPP) and
> carry the laptop to school?  Require some manual toggle (like the mesh
> circle now) to re-start the whole process?
I think that at this stage we need to provide user controls so that we can 
jump at any connection mode directly.
It is much more important at this point to get the various connection 
modes working correctly and providing useful feedback and then worry about 
getting the state machine that jumps between the various modes right. 

I would also like to cast a STRONG VOTE for a control panel with checkout 
options: channels in use is the most important right now.


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