Network association algorithm

Javier Cardona javier at
Wed May 2 14:10:24 EDT 2007

Hi John, Dan,

> 1. The XO finds an established MPP (w. DHCP), and uses it for
> internet access.
> 2. The XO finds an AP, and becomes an ad-hoc MPP (no DHCP)
> 3. The XO finds an ad-hoc MPP (no DHCP), and uses it for internet access
> 4. The XO finds no AP nor MPP, and becomes a mesh node on channel 1
> w. no internet access

Some questions...

1. Is this algorithm using the MPP anycast address to discover the best MPP?
2. Is DHCP replacing the non-standard MPP requests used by mpp-utils?

I was contacted a while ago by Miguel Alvarez (miguel at who
is looking for a more "standards compliant" mechanism to configure
MPs.  He suggested to replace the custom mppreqs with DNS-SD.  Has he
been part of these discussions?



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