Sugar on Debian: libglade/aclocal

Edward Cherlin echerlin at
Wed May 2 01:09:31 EDT 2007

Here is the error:

cd . && /bin/sh
/home/mokurai/dev/sugar-jhbuild/source/libglade/missing --run
aclocal-1.10 -I  -I
aclocal-1.10: unrecognized option
aclocal-1.10: Try `/usr/bin/aclocal-1.10 --help' for more information.
make: *** [aclocal.m4] Error 1
*** error during stage build of libglade: ########## Error running
make   *** [17/56]

Here is the relevant part of the help message.

/bin/sh /home/mokurai/dev/sugar-jhbuild/source/libglade/missing --run
aclocal-1.10 -I /home/mokurai/dev/sugar-jhbuild/build/share/aclocal
aclocal-1.10: `' or `' is required

Where was I supposed to get a or Why didn't
I get either if this code works for other people?
Edward Cherlin
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