Test Group release notes, build 466

Kim Quirk kim.quirk at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 14:30:06 EDT 2007

Test Group (and other interested parties),

As we are getting the first few builds for Trial-2, we have started an
informal wiki page of notes (and bugs) which don't need to be written up by
each person. If you are trying to test something specific (like an
activity), and you are pretty sure that it is a reproducable bug in that
component, please go ahead and write up a bug in trac.

If, on the other hand, you really don't know if it is a problem with sugar,
or the x driver, or something in journal or mesh that may be affecting all
activities, then add your note to this wiki page and we'll try to get a


Developers -- if you know of an issue and are working on it, it would be
great if you wanted to add a note so the test group knows this is being

Within a couple of days (when the build is working a little more) then we'll
get rid of this page and just ask everyone to put bugs into trac.

Current Trial-2 build is 466:

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