suspend/resume support?

Chris Ball cjb at
Wed Dec 26 00:32:54 EST 2007

Hi Jake, thanks for the comments.

   > * Closing the lid suspends, but opening the lid does not
   > automatically unsuspend. I have to press the power button to get it
   > to unsuspend.

This happens occasionally, and your mail prompted me to debug why.
I've just filed a bug on it:

Until this is fixed, you'll indeed have to hit the power button to
come out of "sleep" (unless the lid detection happens to work).

   > * I think behavior has been added to mess with the backlight. For
   > example, after about 30 seconds of minimal activity, the screen
   > dims.  Soon after, the laptop suspends. This would be fine, but
   > unfortunately, it fails to take into account the screens current
   > brightness. So, for example, when I have the backlight turned off
   > and am relying on ambient light and the transreflective screen,
   > after about 30 seconds of inactivity, the backlight switches into
   > its "minimal power" mode. If it then suspends and then unsuspends,
   > the backlight turns on to full brightness. I think expected
   > behavior would be to use the brightness manually set by the user as
   > an upper bound for screen brightness, or some other logic that
   > takes user preference into account.

Totally agreed, and this is  I'll
push a fix for it soon.

   > * When the laptop automatically goes to sleep and is woken up by
   > pressing one of the gamepad keys, the laptop acts as if that key
   > were being held down. I have to tap the gamepad in another
   > direction to get it to escape this mode.

This is, which I think should be moved
from Update.2 to Update.1.  Jim, do you agree?

   > * While suspended, the mesh icon stays lit and the network activity
   > icon continues to flash. Also, the battery drains quite rapidly,
   > within a couple of hours. I think these two things might be
   > related. I know that the mesh on the laptop is always supposed to
   > remain active, even when the laptop is suspended or turned off, but
   > I still wouldn't expect it to drain the battery so quickly.

This is

Thanks for the comments; as you can see, we want to fix all of these.

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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