XO touchpad

Mitch Bradley wmb at laptop.org
Mon Dec 24 17:48:08 EST 2007

Ross Andrews wrote:
> I got my laptop through G1G1 last week, and I've been trying to play  
> with all the neat facets of the hardware, but I'm unable to get the  
> other mode of the touchpad (the stylus mode) to do anything. Is there  
> a particular activity that uses it? Is there some way I can tell  
> Pygame to read it, so I can play with it that way? I figured that  
> Paint would use it, but it doesn't seem to.

One way to exercise the stylus mode is via the firmware selftests.  Turn 
on via the power button, then immediately press and hold the big round 
directional button in the left direction.

That will start a sequence of hardware diagnostics.  Eventually it will 
get to the touchpad test.  That test displays dots corresponding to 
samples received from the touchpad - blue dots for fingertip mode and 
yellow for stylus mode.  Fingernail pressure works as a stylus surrogate.

This selftest feature is of course useless for creating new applications 
that use the device, but it can demonstrate that the hardware is functional.

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