Playing with IDEs

Albert Cahalan acahalan at
Mon Dec 24 16:03:14 EST 2007

Jeffrey Kesselman writes:

> I have an image of eric3 on VMWare emulation attached.  (Majorly Jpeg
> compressed so pardon for the artifacty-ness)   It all seems
> to work fine.
> It is however kind of cramped, which surprised me given the size of
> the OLPC's screen.
> I assume its either treating the screen as lower resolution or drawing
> the fonts and such very large.  Any Eric wizzes out there know how to
> fix that?

Emulation bites again. You're at 1024x768, not 1200x900.

I wonder if it does more harm than good to have emulation
images that go into this resolution. People trying out sugar do
not all realize that they are not getting things as designed.

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