Moodle on the XS server?

Gary Anderson ganderson at
Tue Dec 11 19:57:51 EST 2007

Martin Langhoff, who works on the Moodle project, gave me this list address,
so hopefully I am and sending this to the correct people.


My question is: I understand that there have been plans for sending some
version of Moodle with the XS server.  But I don't find a copy on the ISO
downloaded from the site and it is not clear what version or
if there is a custom version that will be part of the distribution.  I am not
even seeing mySQL or a similar database pre-installed.


So, my question it, what are the Moodle at this point in the initial



Gary Anderson

Math Department Chair

Seattle Academy


For background, our secondary school is in the 11th year of a universal
laptop program and have a made significant modifications to Moodle to have it
work well in the secondary school environment.  We also have an ongoing
technology program in Zambia where we have been providing laptops and visits
for each of the past 7 years.


We are exploring the OLPC program as a way to expand that program by perhaps
setting up remote villages in Zambia with a server and 20 or so of the XO


We would also like to contribute to the effort to help provide an optimal
version of Moodle if that is a need for, as this will certainly be a
continuing effort with our Zambia work as we move the effort outside of


Please let me know if this is not the correct group for this question and who
I should direct my inquiry to if so.

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