sudo, not su.

elw at elw at
Tue Dec 18 17:48:00 EST 2007

> I'd like to draw devel@'s attention to trac bug 5537, which might land
> sometime soon:
> The upshot would be that, instead of logging in directly as root with
> no password, you would log in directly as *olpc* with no password, and
> then sudo to root (if you need root).  Please comment in the bug if
> you have strong objections and/or be prepared to try logging in as
> 'olpc' if 'root' seems to stop working in a new build.


Yes, I think logging in directly as root is a misfeature that should go 
away.  Most of the other unix-derived platforms have been doing their best 
to kill it off or at least reduce its attractiveness... and being able to 
sudo is usually pretty trivial.


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