Recent Joyride builds busted bad

Bernardo Innocenti bernie at
Mon Dec 17 20:48:57 EST 2007

On 12/17/07 20:42, Marcus Leech wrote:

> So, things like "find" and "cpio" were only listed as dependencies of
> mkinitrd, and not in
>   any other packages?  That's really weird!

I guess these packages were so pervasively present
everywhere that nobody even bothered to specify
them explicitly.

> A lot of these things (find, grep, tar, cpio, gzip,
> a-plethora-of-others) should likely be always
> installed, since the "disk space" penalty is low, and they are such
> *basic* utilities that they should always (IMNSHO) get installed.

Yes.  I have these things on my access point too :-)

> A problem with the traditional dependency model
>   for things like utility commands is that it's hard to describe the
> dependency graph of the
>   "uber application", which is the end-user (or in this case, developer)
> themselves :-)

To reduce the burden, there's an explicit set of packages in
the build root that you don't need to specify in the BuildRequires

But this is only for the builds.  When you build a system
from scratch, yum needs to be told which leaves to install
and either gzip comes in through some dependency, or you
have to list it explicitly in your installation set.

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