Help wanted: video demo!

Sameer Verma sverma at
Wed Dec 12 02:17:13 EST 2007

C. Scott Ananian wrote:
> We need a demo which shows off the full-screen video capabilities of
> the XO.  Unfortunately, Record compresses its input rather heavily, so
> it's not a great demo for video playback.  We bundle the Ogg Theora
> codecs, and Browse can play media files full-screen, so the first step
> is for someone to invest some time in transcoding an appropriate demo
> movie (I suggest
> -- some ogg transcoding linked from
> ) to an appropriate bit
> rate / size for the XO.  Make it look good!

It looks like there are a couple of Ogg Theora versions of the
Elephant's Dream at
Encoded in Stereo at 512x288 (52MB) and 1024x576 (161MB). What rate/size
would be "appropriate" for the XO?


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