Announcement of an new OLPC XO-LiveCD (build 625)

WolfgangRohrmoser at WolfgangRohrmoser at
Sat Dec 8 05:26:02 EST 2007

We are proud to announce the initial version of our OLPC XO-LiveCD.
This new project targets the main goals:

   * give children, students, teachers and parents 
     the opportunity to participate and use the
     educational software on a common PC
   * support demonstration of OLPC software to non-developers
   * provide an easy maintainable Live-System for developers to test
     activities on the sugar desktop, this could be regarded as an
     alternative to existing OLPC virtualbox and qemu images.

The technology we choose embeds an unmodified official Redhat build
into a framework (LiveBackup) which provides everything needed to run a live
system. Going this way we are able to minimize the work for updates
if a new OLPC build gets released.

The ISO image are available at:

as:  XO-LiveCD_<date>.iso

Images will be mirrored to

We encourage everybody to try it out and give us feedback
for improvements, please send mail to XO-LiveCD at

Further informations are available in the XO-LiveCD.pdf document


              Wolfgang Rohrmoser, Kurt Gramlich

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