Unable to update my machine

Yuan Chao yuanchao at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 05:02:27 EDT 2007

On 8/31/07, Mitch Bradley <wmb at laptop.org> wrote:

> The fact that it does work from the ok prompt suggests that the problem
> is indeed the USB detection instead of the partitioning.  Is this a
Mmm... originally, according to the wiki and previous discussions,
most problem seems lead to partitioning. Maybe this slow detection
issue should worth listed on wiki?

> FLASH device or a real disk?  We have seen some USB disks that take
> several seconds to detect.
It's a cheap and slow USB 2.0 flash drive.

> When you hold down the game key to get the ok prompt, that gives the USB
> device a longer time between when USB power is applied and when
> enumeration starts - power is applied before the "Release the game key"
> message and enumeration happens afterwards, so you can control the time
> delay by holding the key longer.
> It should be possible to auto-boot by holding the key, then releasing
> it, then letting the countdown expire without typing the game key.
> You can also hold down a different game key, not the "X" one.  Any game
> key will trigger the "Release the game key" delay, but only the X key
> enables the OK prompt.
Ok. I'll try how it works.

> I am hesitant to increase the USB enumeration time delay, because that
> would penalize the majority of systems that will boot nearly always from

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