Board Revision

John Watlington wad at
Fri Aug 24 17:25:33 EDT 2007

The change list from Quanta:

1.      Reserved ESD Protected IC for Speaker Left/Right (U67,U68)  
Channel and PS/2 interface (U66). – EC 3B00,3B01 (Page 12,13)
2.      Connect U39 charger IC pin 1&24 to REF5V for supplier  
recommend for unused pin. – EC 3B02 (Page 18)
3.      Change R345/360Ohm , R346/360Ohm , R347/549Ohm ,  
R349/536Ohm , R350/432Ohm , R351/27Ohm , R357/10Ohm for New LCD Gamma  
value. –EC 3B03 (Page 21) [ No visible change, just lower power]
4.      Pop back J1 console port connect . –EC 3B04 (Page 8)

I added moving an inconveniently placed test pad.

Terry already responded with their intention to bump the board rev.,  
so I think
this discussion is moot.


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