Geode Test

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at
Fri Aug 17 07:02:33 EDT 2007


If you have 5 spare minutes and a B3 or B4 laptop, would you be as kind 
as to compile and run this test program, please?
(Most likely for this test the B2 will suffice since it is unlikely that 
AMD modified the Geode's core in LX.)

gcc cputest.c tests.c
./a.out >somefile.txt

(I have tested it in MinGW but it does not guarantee that it will run, 
and a.out can be a different file.)
I am not a Linux guru but if disabling the wireless and X during the 
tests takes less than a minute, please do so.

Also I need several runs to see whether the outputted numbers are 
different (they have to be almost integers, if the fractional digits 
change it is not a problem).

Thanks in advance!

ps: reply with the ouput file(s).
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