Power manager specification... (request for comments).

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 06:46:51 EDT 2007

On 15/08/07, Jim Gettys <jg at laptop.org> wrote:
> Fpr general comment and discussion, the following is a list of things
> cjb and I think should happen.  What are we missing?  Other opinions?

Sorry for getting to the conversation late, it's been a busy week.

> Actions that OHM should do:
> o On momentary power button:
>   turn off screen, suspend machine, leave keyboard and wireless on;
> keyboard/touchpad will cause instant on again.


> o On lid close on battery, should turn off keyboard, turn off screen
>   Then should suspend to RAM, including disabling and
>   powering down wireless


> o on lid close, on power, leave the machine on and running.

Not turn off the backlight?

> o On lid open, turn on keyboard, reset keyboard, resume from suspend,
> turn wireless back on, tell NM to reassociate (maybe only after some
> delay), try previous association first, of course...


> o On ebook mode, should turn off keyboard

Turn off as in twiddle some bit to power it down, or just stop the input events?

> o On lid open, should reset keyboard
> o on ebook to non-ebook mode, should reset keyboard


> o on external power supply on *or* off, should reset touchpad

Which command?

> o rotate should probably be done by OHM.

Totally agree. It's in the best position to enforce policy IMO.

> When we are suspended, and the battery wakes us up because it is "low",
> then:
>         For now, graceful shutdown after journal has been notified

How do we notify the journal - OHM is system and the journal is session, no?

>         May do hibernation if enough flash is available.


> Task: Tune the default DPMS parameters.
> Reset keyboard instructions are in trac.
> The big question is: how to do idle?
>         X DPMS extension? X SS extension? cpuidle kernel patch, about to go
> mainline in Linux, with module to tell ohm the system has been idle?
> other ideas?

In g-p-m svn I've been using the idletime extension for some time now.
It works well, with a few little quirks, although it only gives the
user-activity point of idle, rather than the machine state idle.


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