accessibilities first tests - many questions

Guylhem Aznar olpc at
Fri Aug 17 05:56:58 EDT 2007


As explained before, I started playing with the DCON (displaying test
images in X, changing various parameters, etc) and other stuff.

The results are interesting. For example, a black and white mode will
backlight on, even if it reduces the percieved resolution, could be
usefull to read at night, or for people with sigh problems who need
high contrast. I am exploring other similar options.

The only things I don't know yet how to do with the DCON :
 - how to disable the smoothing algorithm applied in color mode
 - how to reduce the framerate (for ex for ebook reading, but it could
also be handy in text mode)

I have done some shell scripts to test my stuff (ugly but handy, esp
when you are only testing ideas) ; I will post them here when I will
get back home for feedback.

If someone can help with the smoothing/framerate, some quick&dirty
bash code to do it would help.

Regarding power management, I have a problem with the DCON freeze
before suspend to ram: the display looks like frozen, but when I query
the freeze file just before and right after the suspend, I only get 0
while I should get 1.

Can I also ask for some help there?

Regarding the X being used, I am curious to know if there is a way to
do live screen scaling ("zoom" function, where the whole screen is
magnified) ? Ideally, it would be hardware managed, but that could
also be done by software.

See this if you don't know this function:

The idea would be to do as fast as possible for moving around, then
when stopped on something, try to be as detailed as possible:

I am also wondering where/how the cursors are set. Matchbox theme is
only changing some cursors. I found a sugar gtk theme fixing
additional cursors as well, but it is not clear how everything
interacts. That's because I am looking for a way to magnify the mouse
cursor when a special keyboard sequence is pressed, to reveal where it
is on the screen, along with a way of magnifying the whole screen to
ease reading of content (ex: text from the internet, a small

Finally, how can I interact in pen mode with the whole pad? Jim said
it was possible, so I tried to run a "cat" on various /dev input
devices, while moving my fingers on the left and right part around the
zone used for the pointer. However, I can't generate any data. What's
the problem ?

Side question - is is possible to get data when two objects (ex: 2
fingers) are moving ? (either in the same surface, or one in the pen
area mode and the other one in the mouse mode)


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