some first impressions

elw at elw at
Thu Aug 16 18:34:43 EDT 2007

>> It turns out that there is a GPIO driver - the source is in 
>> char/drivers/cs5535_gpio.c - and it is available as a kernel module:

>> And in any case, accessing this behind alsamixer's back is not a good 
>> idea, because then alsamixer will be confused about the state.

>  Hmm, ok.  We sure don't want to give the Squeak VM more permission that 
> it should have, and as you said, bypassing alsamixer wouldn't be good 
> either.  For now, we can try it with calls to system(), assuming the 
> other environment variables for the "etoys" command invocation is sane.

I haven't seen anyone comment yet on how this is interacting with the 
rainbow-iz-ation of activities - seems to me that audio mixer calls (and 
anything else that "pokes at" the kernel) are something that probably 
ought not be accessible to just any old activity... are they?


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