Power manager specification... (request for comments).

Jim Gettys jg at laptop.org
Wed Aug 15 16:01:47 EDT 2007

Fpr general comment and discussion, the following is a list of things
cjb and I think should happen.  What are we missing?  Other opinions?

Actions that OHM should do:

o On momentary power button:
  turn off screen, suspend machine, leave keyboard and wireless on;
keyboard/touchpad will cause instant on again.
o On lid close on battery, should turn off keyboard, turn off screen
  Then should suspend to RAM, including disabling and 
  powering down wireless
o on lid close, on power, leave the machine on and running.
o On lid open, turn on keyboard, reset keyboard, resume from suspend,
turn wireless back on, tell NM to reassociate (maybe only after some
delay), try previous association first, of course...
o On ebook mode, should turn off keyboard
o On lid open, should reset keyboard
o on ebook to non-ebook mode, should reset keyboard
o on external power supply on *or* off, should reset touchpad
o rotate should probably be done by OHM.

When we are suspended, and the battery wakes us up because it is "low",
	For now, graceful shutdown after journal has been notified
	May do hibernation if enough flash is available.

Task: Tune the default DPMS parameters.

Reset keyboard instructions are in trac.

The big question is: how to do idle?
	X DPMS extension? X SS extension? cpuidle kernel patch, about to go
mainline in Linux, with module to tell ohm the system has been idle?
other ideas?

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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