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Sun Aug 5 07:17:44 EDT 2007

James's suggestion is a good one.

Unfortunately, the hardware problem that was fixed between B2 and B4
(and which was more extensive than just the difference between a GX
and a LX) was such that the overhead of maintaining compatibility is
not worth the effort.

Regarding which build to run, I'd suggest either 406.15 or 542. There
is no reason to run 538, which is less stable than 542. 406.15 will
run fine on B2 hardware. 542 will be a bit slower and you need to take
care that you don't run into OOM problems. I suggest only running one
activity at a time.

If you only have one machine, the advantages of running 542 are
greatly diminished, since many of the new features are related to
collaboration over the mesh. However, it does incorporate the Journal
and the cleaner, more consistent tab interface.

Sorry we cannot get you a B4 yet: we are negotiating with Israeli
customs about the proper procedure to bring the machines into the


On 8/5/07, James Cameron <quozl at> wrote:
> On 05/08/2007, at 5:13 PM, Zvi Devir wrote:
> > Recently I've updated my B2 machine to build 538. The camera
> > activity in
> > this build is totally broken. Actually the camera activity is
> > broken for
> > quite some time now, [...]
> I offer a workaround rather than a solution ... depending on the
> nature of the problem, for demonstration purposes you may be able to
> grab just the files of an earlier Record (camera) activity that is
> known to work.
> Keep a copy of 406.15 handy in case you strike a problem that
> prevents all demonstration.
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