August Penguin talk

Zvi Devir zdevir at
Sun Aug 5 03:13:58 EDT 2007

Next week I'm giving a talk in August Penguin 2007 -- The Israeli Open 
Source Community Conference. However, I have some problems with the 
current build for the demonstration.

Recently I've updated my B2 machine to build 538. The camera activity in 
this build is totally broken. Actually the camera activity is broken for 
quite some time now, for B2 machines (I forgot the Trac number, but IIRC 
it's a WONTFIX bug due to hardware bug in GX). When the camera activity 
is active, the colors are swapped and the cursor is garbled. Until 
recently, the camera activity was only partially-broken. The user could 
have watched the photos taken by the camera, and once the activity was 
closed (actually the camera direct window) the colors were again ok. In 
the new builds, the colors remain swapped even after quitting the camera 
activity, which makes any further demonstration useless.
My question is simple -- what is the best build I should use?

BTW, those of you who happen to be in Israel, are welcome to
visit the conference.

  - Zvi

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