Reformat your USB disk prior to upgrades please.

Richard A. Smith richard at
Thu Aug 2 10:32:17 EDT 2007

We are receiving a large amount of mail other traffic here at 1 
Cambridge Center about activation that is failing.  Most of them appear 
to be the result of USB disks that were formatted with FAT32.

Versions of the activation script that were downloaded from the wiki 
prior to Thursday, 2007-08-02, EST have a problem that will corrupt a 
FAT32 filesystem. (Yes, we need a version number for the script, we know)

If you are having trouble with your upgrade please do the following:

- Reformat your usb key
- Go here:
- Get a fresh copy of all the files you need.
- Follow the instructions _exactly_.

Any deviation from the above and your XO will probably not activate. 
I've fixed about 10 systems from people who were skipping one of the 
above steps or who had a corrupt USB disk and did not know it.

Yes, The activation script is a PITA.  We apologize. Its a short term 
solution until we get _real_ activation which is a Trial-3 feature.


Richard Smith  <richard at>
One Laptop Per Child

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