Fwd: Linux Release of the Retroshare serverless Instant Messenger (v0.3.0rc1-ls)

Till Weber peterpanini at gmx.net
Mon Apr 30 04:11:43 EDT 2007

Linux Release of the Retroshare serverless open source Instant Messenger:


Retroshare is a serverless Instant Messenger for Messaging, Chat, Groupchat, Email and File Sharing. It allows online and offline Messaging.

IP adresses of a Friend are found in the next online session automatically with a DHT.

The Linux Version runs on a 233 MHZ Laptop even with QT gui, a FLTK gui is as an alternative as well available. The applicaiton is transalated into more than 15 languages and all OLPC Launch countries are available (except Lybia atm).

Retroshare is available for Linux and Windows and new Developers are appreciated in the team.

See the Screenshop on a linux 233 MHZ (e.g. OLPC) Laptop here.
(last picture)

Retroshare was tested under Debian Redhat Distros and Opensuse and 233MHZ Laptop.

>The Staticly-linked Linux Executable is now available for download. 
I'm not sure if this will work on everyones computer,  
so please try it out if you've got a linux box. 
and let us know the result. 
Its much easier than compiling it ;) 
(1) Its just an executable, you need the kadc.ini file too  
(2) The fonts aren't great, this will be fixed. 
(3) BUGS. 

retroshare creates a ./$HOME directory where it  
is run. (which isn't needed). Take care  
when deleting files named like this !!!! 
(or use a gui - will be fixed asap). 

Linux Installer Guide:

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