Build 385 quemu emulation on Mac OS X

Monkey Pet monkeypet at
Sat Apr 28 00:11:20 EDT 2007

Hi, 385 didn't boot for me either under qemu.  I found that the image
size is smaller for some strange reason, so sugar didn't startup since
the 'disk' was full.  However, 387 booted fine.  I hope that helps.

On 4/8/07, Follower <follower at> wrote:
> Hi Julius,
> Julius Lucks wrote:
>  > This is the first time I have tried XO emulation, and I am having a
>  > bit of trouble.
> The most recent build I have tried is build 303 which worked
> successfully for me with version 0.8.1.a35 on OS X.
> If you get no further advice you might want to try build 303 as I can
> vouch for it. I haven't tried build 385 yet myself.
> --Phil.
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