Startup problems

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Fri Apr 27 01:43:10 EDT 2007

Hmmmmn, thanks

That was OK, I typed:

iwconfig msh0 mode ad-hoc channel 6 essid olpc-mesh1
ifconfig msh0

Then Alt-0 back to the network neighbourhood screen,

My Windows laptop can see olpc-mesh as before but no olpc-mesh1

Is there more I can do to test it without another XO? We only have the one
(the others are with other organisations in the region)


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> I am in the Developer console.....
> iwconfig: command not found
> ifconfig: command not found

I don't have an xo available right now.  I'll verify the steps tomorrow and
update the wiki.

But for now, can you try to login as root first and provide the full path to
$ su -
# /sbin/iwconfig


> These are build 385 if that is relevant....I can see a mesh network 
> "olpc-mesh" visible on my Windows laptop using "view wireless 
> networks". But when we tried 3 Xos together they did not see each 
> other...(although they can all see access points nearby...
> David

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