Startup problems

Javier Cardona javier at
Thu Apr 26 15:19:25 EDT 2007

Hi David,

> > 2. Mesh Network.
> >
> > We couldn't get a group of 3 B2s to see each other. We are based in
> > different countries so only had a chance during a 2-hour meeting. They
> The current setup require a mesh portal to work. You need an additional
>   box running the mesh portal stuff.  This is a temp solution until we
> work out a few of the thorny issues with mesh bringup.

The Mesh Portal is needed if you want to connect the mesh to the
Internet, but not if you want to create an isolated mesh.  You can
bring up the mesh manually following the steps described here:

Also you will find a basic test to demonstrate the "power of the mesh" here:



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