[sugar] experimental LiveCD SDK build

Ryan Pavlik abiryan at ryand.net
Tue Apr 3 20:32:03 EDT 2007

Is there some scriptable way for an ordinary individual (like me) to 
produce these LiveCD's?  I had just sent the link to a faculty member 
here at my university who teaches a "Computing in Global Society" 
course, and was hoping that the LiveCD's would remain, and be updated 
regularly, as they're a lot "nicer" way of introducing others to the 
environment in a non-intrusive way.


John (J5) Palmieri wrote:
> I have stopped producing the LiveCD development builds to save space and
> time it takes to get out the daily builds.  They are set to be replaced
> by the SDK LiveCD builds which will be built less frequently, usually
> during major sugar API changes and along with the stable builds.  The
> first one is now available at
> http://olpc.download.redhat.com/olpc/streams/sdk/build1/livecd/
> and is experimental.  AKA, not guaranteed to work.  I want to get some
> testing and add features such as a USB memory home directories and at
> some point point and click installation to a hard drive.
> Right now the image includes a full sugar environment, gcc, gcc-c++,
> gdb, oprofile and oprofile-gui.  We also have a Classic GNOME activity
> which launches a GNOME session which includes Nautilus, Metacity,
> gnome-volume-manager for automounting of external media, gedit, vim-x11,
> nautilus-open-terminal and gnome-terminal.
> Right now the iso weighs in at 291Megs which means we have some room to
> work with in terms of adding applications which would make it easier to
> develop for the OLPC and the Sugar environment.  I would like to know
> what people think those applications are.
> In the end I would rather keep the sdk lite than add a tone of features
> but we also want to balance that with usefulness.  
> Eventually the sdk will become self hosting, meaning all the tools to
> build and modify images including sdk images will come ready to use.
> This will hopefully make development and regional modification much
> easier and less centralized.

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