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John (J5) Palmieri wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-04-18 at 17:17 -0400, Noah Kantrowitz wrote:
>> Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>> On Apr 18, 2007, at 22:44 , Noah Kantrowitz wrote:
>>>> Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>>>> On Apr 18, 2007, at 22:33 , Noah Kantrowitz wrote:
>>>>>> Andrew Clunis wrote:
>>>>>>> Jordan Crouse wrote:
>>>>>>>> Please, stop perpetrating this myth.  The LX can not scale arbitrary
>>>>>>>> chunks
>>>>>>>> of pixels - it can only upscale and downscale the entire visible
>>>>>>>> area.  This
>>>>>>>> is available to X through some clever RandR tweaking.
>>>>>>>> Jordan
>>>>>>> Aw, bummer.
>>>>>>> Still, at least more graphic intensive games should be able to
>>>>>>> render at
>>>>>>> something less than 1200x900 (by making a fullscreen surface in
>>>>>>> PyGame/SDL thanks to the RandR tweaking, probably) and still fill the
>>>>>>> panel.
>>>>>> This will probably interfere with the frame though.
>>>>> Actually, no - that's the nice thing about using vector graphics.
>>>> I'm not sure what vector graphics have to do with it. PyGame in
>>>> fullscreen mode generally puts itself on top of everything else, which
>>>> would mean you can't see the frame.
>>> It thought you worried about the different resolution.
>>> PyGame can equally well run in a window, which will happen to cover the
>>> whole screen thanks to matchbox.
>> No, it won't. If you have a 640x480 Pygame (read: SDL) window, it will
>> just be in the top-left corner. I have some code that allows embedding
>> SDL into Hippo, so you can at least center it, but it is still just
>> 640x480. If you change X modes, it will could fill the screen, but then
>> you get back to flicker issues.
> Please let's not add hacks just to support pygame. I put pygame in there
> because there are a ton of child oriented games written in it.  However
> it is not permission to just throw games on and forget about them.  The
> idea is to make is smoother to port to sugar.  One of the porting jobs
> is for games to support multiple resolutions, hopefully through
> switching to vector assets.  This saves disk space as well.  If the
> issue becomes performance in pushing pixels then we can talk about ways
> of speeding that up, perhaps through resolution tricks.  Let's fix the
> issues within the games themselves instead of working around them.  Only
> as the last resort will I allow bubblegum and duct tape to get things to
> work.

Vector graphics in Pygame is being worked on right now, but the issue is
more that rendering at a decent framerate (20-30FPS) at the full
1900x1200 is going to be impossible for any kind of complex game. Our
thought was to use the 2D scaling in the LX to allow for the game to
operate at something smaller (say 640x480), and still fill the screen
like a normal Sugar app. Clearly it is going to be more complex than
this, but something still needs to be worked out.


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