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Don Hopkins dhopkins at
Wed Apr 18 17:49:26 EDT 2007

Is there a way for Hippo IconButton subclass to grab the mouse?
(I want the button to continue tracking until the mouse button goes up, 
no matter where the cursor moves on the screen.)
Do I need to drop down to GTK to do that?
If so, which GTK window do I need to grab, to cause grabbed events to be 
delivered to the Hippo canvas?
I tried the obvious one (self._window.window) but that doesn't seem to 
Should Hippo have its own API for grabbing the mouse?



Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-04-18 at 09:10 -0300, Rafael Barbolo Lopes wrote:
>> Is it difficult to implement Hippo_Canvas? 
>> Where can I find some written code in Sugar?
> Well, Hippo canvas is pretty simple but it requires good knowledge of
> the GObject python bindings and, being a project in early development
> stages, it doesn't really have the maturity of gtk (so expect bugs,
> missing features etc).
> sugar/sugar/graphics has a lot of code which use hippo canvas.
> Marco
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