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Wed Apr 18 08:41:40 EDT 2007

Documented in the wiki is a procedure to remote an entire Sugar session
to a remote display using X.


For details.
                                       - Jim

On Wed, 2007-04-18 at 13:11 +0300, Zvi Devir wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've just gave two nice presentations of the XO machine at the Haifa
> Linux Club and at Google Haifa/Israel. I decided it will be more
> interesting to run the presentation slides from the XO machine itself.
> It took the audience some time to realize that, which added magic to the
> lecture. Since the XO machine was literally with no strings attached, it
> was really a wireless presentation ;)
> The trick is to install RealVNC, and run x0vncserver on the XO machine.
> A second machine, with a proper VGA port, is connected to the same Wifi
> network, and is running a vncviewer that clones the XO display.
> Here are the details for those who are interested.
> 1. Fetch the vnc-server rpm (I've used vnc-server-4.1.2-9.fc6.1386.rpm),
>     and install it (--nodeps).
> 2. Create a password file using vncpasswd.
> Before the presentation,
> 3. Open a developer console.
> 4. Run the x0vnceserver *nicely* from the developer terminal (as the
> server should clones the current display). I was using the following
> command:
>     nice -19 x0vncserver PasswordFile=~olpc/.vnc/passwd & ; disown
> It is possible to run the x0vncserver in "viewing only" mode by
> providing the following additional options
>     AcceptPointerEvents=0 AcceptKeyEvents=0
> I simply created a small script file for that.
> 5. Check your current IP address (ifconfig eth0).
> 6. Close the console.
> 7. In the other machine, run the vnc client.
>     vncviewer 192.168.xxx.xxx FullScreen=1 ViewOnly=1
> (replace the 192.168.xxx.xxx with your XO IP address).
> However, running the vnc server took almost 100% CPU, for no apparent
> reason. Therefore, it must be run very very nicely (nice +19), since
> otherwise nothing else can be executed without the watchdog starting to
> bark. I don't know if it is a x0vncserver bug, or some problems with
> Sugar that send some messages all the time.
> Regards,
>     Zvi Devir
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