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Wed Apr 18 00:58:52 EDT 2007

Adam Jackson wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-04-17 at 17:09 -0300, Alexandre Martinazzo wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there a way to install openGL in a XO? Install libmesa did not work
>> with us.
> You really.  Really.  Really.  Do not want to run anything resembling
> OpenGL on this hardware.  It will be painfully slow and it'll murder
> your battery life.
Maybe I'm missing something, but *why* would OpenGL (the library) be 
particularly likely to perform horribly?  OpenGL is a fairly efficient 
mechanism for describing certain types of smooth, elegantly coded 
transformations AFAICS.  The processor has 3DNow and SSE extensions, 
which can be compiled in to help accelerate MESA's matrix transformation 
operations if I understand correctly.  I'm not saying we would try to 
write a latest-and-greatest first-person-shooter, but the library itself 
is reasonably efficient at what it does.

Is it that the memory bandwidth to the video is horribly slow making the 
fill-rate horrific?  Or just a general bus bandwidth issue?  I know that 
MPEG4 at reasonably high resolutions can be used on the platform 
reasonably well, and that's got to be some reasonably intensive for the 
CPU to Video Card transfer data-rate.  Or is there some other technical 
limitation in the LX700 hardware that prevents it from being able to 
handle the load?

Even just a reference somewhere describing why the LX can't handle it 
would be useful.  I understand that the GX would be extremely painful, 
but I thought the LX was considerably more capable...

Have fun,

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