Blessing a C build environment.

Rob Savoye rob at
Sun Apr 15 01:02:38 EDT 2007

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

> - Extra credit: set up a cross-compiling environment right from the 
> start (even if the "cross-compile" is from x86 to x86), and build every 
> bit of the system core with it, including glibc, xlib, etc). This means 

  I always cross compile, it's much easier than having to build the
whole system. The only interesting part is if whatever software package
you are porting doesn't like to be configured in a cross development
environment. I haven't built everything with this tool chain, but I have
built quite a bit of the support libraries, gtk, glibc, glib, etc.. with
it. Anyway, this is an "unofficial tool chain", I'm not sure if anybody
else has even used it.

  You can grab my cross tools for the OLPC from I use them on Ubuntu and Fedora to cross
compile for the OLPC. I have mine installed as /usr/local/olpc. You
invoke them as i386-olpc-linux-gcc, i386-olpc-linux-ar, etc...

	- rob -

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