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Rafael Barbolo Lopes barbolo at
Sat Apr 14 17:55:17 EDT 2007

I'm having some problems to create a grid using pygtk.
I would like to know what you recommend me to do. I need a grid inside a
viewport with colummns and rows, and it is needed that the columns can
increase. I'm thinking about using an image buffer (maybe gtk.gdk.pixbuf),
the original image would be one column and then I would increase the grid
columns by duplicating the image inside the pixbuf.
I'm searching for the best choice to do this because the grid is 12xY, 12
rows and Y columns. The number of columns could be for example 200.
So I need to use an alternative that economizes memory.
For this application, the most important is that I need a grid image inside
a viewport that can increase the number of colummns.
Any ideas or suggestions will be helpful.

Please, help me! I'm lost using pygtk!

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