Power measurements

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun Apr 8 05:15:46 EDT 2007

I got some 1.3 mm connectors.  They are too small.  Maybe 1.5 mm is the right 

I cut the green cable.  Here are some quick numbers.

Output of the wall wart is a bit over 12 V no load.  I haven't checked it 
under load.

No battery:

606 mA  Idle, light off, USB Ethernet
712 mA  Idle, light on, USB Ethernet

508 mA  Idle, light off, No USB Ethernet
607 mA  Idle, light on, No USB Ethernet

 25 mA  off

No battery, Light on, with USB Ethernet

707 mA  Idle
862 mA  CPU tight spin loop
900 mA  memcpy, small working set
938 mA  memcpy, 10K working set
873 mA  memcpy, 8M working set

825 mA  ping -f from another system
848 mA  ping -f to another system (over ssh)
698 mA  idle  ??
865 mA  ping -f to another system (from shell window)
707 mA  Idle

750 mA  waving finger on mouse pad

After running on battery for 15-20 minutes
12:19  1300 mA dropping slowly
12:22  popped up to 1310
  1290 mA with light off
Humm.   No change with light on/off
 1:04  1220
 1:10  1180
 1:24  713 mA light on
 1:26  611 mA light off

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