How do I build/install the kernel on a XO?

Hal Murray hmurray at
Sat Apr 7 19:13:26 EDT 2007

I found a recipe for building the kernel at

I've got a FC6 system.  git clone, make oldconfig,and make seemed to do 
something sensible.

I'm a bit suspicious of the .config file.  I'd expect one/some of these to be 
# CONFIG_M386 is not set
# CONFIG_M486 is not set
# CONFIG_M586 is not set
# CONFIG_M586TSC is not set
# CONFIG_M586MMX is not set
# CONFIG_M686 is not set
# CONFIG_X86_GENERIC is not set

Is that really the right config file?  (Maybe I fatfingered something?)

make install tries do a normal install on the current system.

I'm assuming I can do the build on a handy machine, transport the bits to a 
running XO, install them there, and then reboot.  Is that reasonable?

  A: My handy machine is FC6 on an Intel PC.  I'm assuming
  that's close enough to the XO that I don't have to do a real
  cross-compile type build.

  B: I'm willing to re-install everything from scratch/flash if
  my new kernel doesn't work.

Assuming I'm on the right track, does anybody have a simple recipe for the 
transport/install step?  I'll be happy with transport via flash or scp.

My XO:/boot/ has things like:

Do I need them and/or what are they used for and where do they come from?

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