PLEASE test Build 368 and Q2B84 firmware ASAP.

Richard A. Smith richard at
Fri Apr 6 13:28:13 EDT 2007

Martin Langhoff wrote:

>  - log says that it could not find any usable screen sizes - I
> think that DDC probing is fsck'd but I only tested it with 2 monitors,
> both large LCDs.
> Is this worth reporting? I am keen on taking advantage of having the 2

I suspect that your xorg.conf file is just incorrect.  Monitor vs Laptop 
LCD is detected _once_ when you first boot a new image.  So if you 
booted that on a XO first and then tried it in your ATest you will be 
using the wrong xorg.conf.  Try booting a fresh image on the ATest.

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