a quick wireless mesh blinding table howto

Rafael Enrique Ortiz Guerrero dirakx at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 03:02:24 EDT 2007

Hi everyone,

i have been testing the procedure that Andrey wrote and these are some
experiences and questions:

> # ethtool -i msh0
> driver: libertas
> version: COMM-USB8388-321.p0-dbg
> firmware-version: 5.220.10.p5
> bus-info:
> 1) to reset (clear) the BT:
> # iwpriv msh0 bt_reset

until here all went ok. but doing

> # iwpriv msh0 bt_list $i
> where $i is a number between 0 and 127 representing an entry.

chossing a random number show this:
msh0 bt_list:number: (null)  is this ok..?

and also

# iwpriv msh0 bt_add $olpc1_mac_address (obviously  changing this for a real
mac address)

  show me this error
interface doesn not accept private ioctl...
bt_add (8BF9): invalid argument how can i correct that ?

although the last command did not work, just doing

> # iwpriv msh0 bt_set_invert 1
>  in two B2, seams to get up the mesh and in the neighborhood view a new AP
> triangle show up with the name OLPC-mesh.

is this the expected behavior..?

Thank you and i wait for your comments


Rafael Enrique Ortiz Guerrero
OLPC Colombia
Grupo de robotica libre DROZ
El sitio de software Libre en Colombia
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