two mouse patches

Jens Axboe olpc-devel at
Wed Apr 4 08:05:01 EDT 2007


Current powermgmt branch includes my always_on patch for mouse and
keyboard, thanks for that! Unfortunately it seems the mouse does _not_
come back to life in that branch, it needs a kick to get going again.
You can do a

# echo -n reconnect > /sys/bus/serio/devices/serio1/drvctl

to bring it back to life, I'll suggest adding the first included patch
here to disable always_on for the olpc mouse until we find out what the
issue is. The keyboard works fine.

Second, while testing this, I did an rmmod psmouse which oopsed the
kernel. The problem is that drivers/input/evdev.c:evdev_release() does
a list_del() on the evdev_list node, but evdev_disconnect() does a
list_for_each_entry() on that node. So if release is called before
disconnect, we'll oops because list->next will be the list poison value.
The fix is easy, just use list_del_init() to reinit the list on
deletion. I'll send this one to the maintainer as well.

Jens Axboe

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