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FYI. It doesn't matter much to us while India refuses to participate,
but it's still progress. It includes all nine Indic writing systems.

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> Which languages? What level of support? How many window managers
>  localized in which languages? Applications? Documentation? Is there a
>  Web site where we can get all these details? The main Red Hat site
>  still lists only five Indian languages: Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil,
>  Bengali and Punjabi.

That's RHEL4. In RHEL5 you have the following:

    * Assamese
    * Bengali
    * Gujarati
    * Hindi
    * Kannada
    * Malayalam
    * Marathi
    * Oriya
    * Punjabi
    * Tamil
    * Telugu

http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/enterprise/ has a  "Select
Language" drop down that allows you to select the Language in which
you require the manual. Some of the languages listed above might not
be there and are projected to appear in subsequent updates. Red Hat
Enterprise Linux uses upstream GNOME as the primary DE so you can
check the L10n additionally at progress.gnome.org



New Linux version supports 10 Indian languages

Mr Nandu Pradhan, Red Hat India's President and Managing Director,
explained that Release 5 had doubled the Indian language support to 10
languages - a case of fortuitous timing in the light of the
government's budget-day announcement of sharply increasing monetary
support for e-governance initiatives at the Centre and the States.

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